Monday, May 4, 2009

Fine Feather Parade...

This season I'm working with peacock feathers for one of the spring styles... I'm still playing with the design but I've narrowed it down some... I'm thinking about either layering them around the side of the heel in a whimsical way or hanging one from each ankle strap (as prepared in the photo). This is different from anything I've seen before and it really adds a little something to any look!

Peacock feathers have always been a symbol of beauty and now they will finally be worn by the right sex :) I love how unique they are and the way they pop when paired with the royal blue suede I'm using for the pumps. This pair is one that I'm excited to create because it's so playful! This shoe was designed for nights out on the town, but be prepared because all eyes will be on you...


  1. I am so in love with peacock feathers! So... if you could please make me a special pair in size ginormous, it would be greatly appreciated seeing as I hate shoes so much, and finding them is a nightmare.

  2. I can't wait! love the royal blue suede, and the peacock feather, well, sounds "HOT AND SEXY"