Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The logo...

I have been working on a logo for months now... I wanted something simple, fun and orange :) nothing too crazy or busy. Just something that represents the label. So without further ado, here is the new logo...


  1. J, I am so proud of you! you are really doin the damn thang! I have to say I am very impressed with the way this is all coming together. I can't wait to be rockin' the Strawberry Blondes! Love you!!

  2. James, Love the logo ...
    Can't wait to see it on a pair of your shoes!

    xoxo Aunt Viv

  3. Love it Jamie! Did you think of maybe adding a small strawberry to the end of the y in Strawberry? I think it would be cute :)
    Wish you the best always!

  4. it looks great real classy its going to work for you i know it.