Friday, April 9, 2010

too cute...

I went up to the factory today to start on the flats, and decided to start small... literally :) I made a tiny little pair for my girlfriend who is having a baby this month. They turned out soOo cute!! I can't wait to see her crawling around showing off her little Strawberry Blonde soles!

I'm actually thinking they would make great gifts as baby's first shoes... Or hanging from a clothesline at a baby shower! Just imagine the teeny little divas :)

As for the mommys... I'm making a pattern for a size 7 now, you know I gotta make myself a pair first ;) I will post more pictures soon.



  1. These pictures are fantasic! I love how you showcased the color in the shoes. Wow. And the shoes look absolutely ADORABLE!!! I can't wait to see the 7's! I's SO excited for you and your future jamie. Thanks for sharing...these are really really great!

  2. how cute are those it reminds me of when in my youth i wore ballerinas looks like them so cute lots of luck jamie. love ya grandma

  3. How adorable...They are the cutest baby shoes ever, great for the adults as well!
    Good Luck my love.