Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Vivian- Monogrammed Flats

After much anticipation the Vivians are here! The Vivian is a monogrammed ballet flat hand-made with 100% leather in your choice of colors and initials... Perfect for women of all ages, bridal showers, wedding gift for the bride or even as bridesmaids gifts!

Named after my beautiful Aunt Vivian!

Whether your taking the kids to school, running around town or having brunch with the girls these light weight comfy flats are just what you need to get the job done in style...

The Vivians will be available for custom orders on my website this week. Stay tuned :)



  1. Did you get my messageearlier about how to order? I am so anxious to get mine in. that was me earlier, if it went through, eng! I can't wait! If I invest can I get a shoe named after me - no nicknames!hee hee

  2. waiting to order a pair... just thinking about colors. What do I want, what will you have available!

    Also, I LOVE how they are "lowcut" so they will not cover your entire foot!!!

  3. Super Super cute!!!! Congrats on your new adventure!! Can't wait to order!

    Collars Up!

  4. It's official...I'm obsessed. Bravo.