Thursday, June 3, 2010


Working on the website this week :) 

This is a first for me, and Im trying to have it run as smoothly as possible. Does anyone have any insight or tips? Or even any pet peeves when it comes to shopping online?? I would love to get your feedback...



  1. Ask Mr. Rott at PV now. He can probably have a student help get it orgaized and set up, for a donation maybe - I am not sure how that works? Or Fossen. They were always doing that kind of community, "real life" stuff" for the kids. You could even go to JI but i do not know who is teaching there. If you know exactly what you want, I can ask my bro and he can at least tell me what he thinks your best bet is! <3 u ! eng

  2. My tip is to keep it simple, clean and fun.

  3. Hurry I think I need a pair of these for fall.